The Fallen Star

by Missy Harrison

The Fallen Star tells the story of a bright little star’s journey to self-realization, not to mention self-confidence. It follows the adventures of a little star who focuses so much on what others think about him that he begins to lose his light and even falls from the sky!
In light of this, he convinces himself that he doesn’t belong in the sky. But as he aimlessly wanders around on Earth, he soon discovers that he certainly does not belong there either. Worried that he doesn’t quite fit in anywhere, he is soon set straight by a group of children, who show him the situation in a new light. One special child helps him realize that, for those who are true to themselves and doing what they love, what others think does not matter.

Missy Harrison


Missy Harrison is a young and upcoming writer residing in Ontario, Canada, with her awesome husband, Danny, and their super cool cat, Captain Awesome. She is a life-loving, hope-giving, glass-completely-full kind of gal who chooses to seek out the beauty in everything. Her upbeat and uplifting spirit brings joy to all who know her. This inspiring outlook, paired with her love of writing, translates into a unique writing style. She creates stories that touch the hearts and minds of all ages. While she truly enjoys working as a student supervisor at an elementary school, Missy’s three greatest passions are God, writing, and encouraging people. However, she also loves kids, of course, and painting. So this book is truly a mixture of everything she holds close to her heart. She hopes that it will bless you, just as creating it has blessed her, and fill your life with the joy that shines through her. This is her first book, but it certainly will not be her last! So dive in, let your imagination run wild, and experience something new and beautifully bright.


Upcoming Events

  • Book Launch: December 2, 2:00 PM at First Baptist Church
  • Book Reading: March 14th, 10:00 AM at the Cornwall Public Library